AI Makerspace is officially launched today!

AI Makerspace is a platform offered by AI Singapore (AISG) to help SMEs and Start-ups accelerate the adoption of AI in Singapore.

They will benefit from the quick turnaround and deployable AI solutions to address their business needs. 

AI Makerspace provides a suite of AI tools, APIs and pre-built solutions (Makerspace Bricks) for specific use cases which SMEs and Start-ups can download and use. The pre-built solutions include Open Source Software[1] and IPs developed by our local universities.

AI Makerspace also hosts open datasets, training courses as well as limited consulting and engineering services for them to jumpstart their AI journey.

Benefits to SMEs and Start-ups:

AI Makerspace will also benefit System Integrators: 

Makerspace Bricks

Makerspace Bricks are pre-built AI solutions. They are designed to address specific use cases which are inspired by real-world 100E projects[2] and common AI requests from the industry.

The Makerspace Bricks are developed by AISG’s engineers and will be put up as FREE downloadable tools, libraries and assets for open source softwares[3] or APIs (for IPs developed by Singapore local universities[4]) for SMEs and Start-ups to try.

At launch, four core AI technologies will be available on AI Makerspace:

  1. Robotic Process Automation
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  3. Speech To Text (S2T)
  4. Computer Vision (CV)

AI Quick Start Programme

AI Quick Start is a programme to help SMEs which require further assistance to use the Makerspace Bricks to solve their business problems.  AI Singapore will provide a limited 7 person-day AI consultancy to SMEs to jumpstart their AI projects.

An AISG engineer will guide the SME/Start-up through the stages of AI development and steps:

  1. Scoping and Problem Definition
  2. Data Acquisition and AI Architecture
  3. Clean and Explore Data
  4. Architect AI Models
  5. Deploy for Usage

The typical stages are shown in the figure below:

The deliverables of the AI Quick Start Programme include a validated business model, AI Minimum Viable Model and an AI architecture.

The fee for the AI Quick Start Programme is SGD 20,000 (excluding GST)

AI Makerspace Website:

Click here to view the video and interviews with “Bricks” users.

[4] Source-available Bricks can be used for testing via API calls for FREE with conditions, subsequent licensing will be required for commercialisation.


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