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Hello! I am Laurence LIEW, and I set up this community so that we can build up a friendly AI ecosystem for Everyone in Singapore.

By Everyone, I mean the students and learners of our Learn AI portal ( Here they can get help from AI Singapore engineers but more importantly, from other learners. You learn the fastest when you teach others.

For the professionals, besides asking your questions about AI technology in the forum and reading up on various AI projects done in Singapore, you can also look for interesting AI job opportunities in the Jobs section.

Everyone also includes our SMEs, where they can read up on the latest AI projects AI Singapore have done under our 100E and Makerspace programmes and also interesting projects and use cases from our ecosystem of partners. This is so our SMEs can get inspired to start their own AI journey and projects.

And lastly, for those keen to get into AI Singapore’s AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP). We will have dedicated articles and forums to discuss the AIAP programme and guide you on how to become an AI Apprentice. And no, we do not (yet) have a 10-year series for the AIAP technical assessments. We are only in our 5th year!

Welcome again, and thank you for joining this community of ours.

Laurence LIEW

The AISG team

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