AISG AI Certification Initiative

Building on the recognized success of our AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP) which recently won the ‘Talent Accelerator in Singapore’ award in IDC’s Digital Transformation (DX) Awards, AISG looks to expand the pool of Singaporeans to become future AI Apprentices; and enable those who are technically proficient in AI to be recognised as AI Certified Engineers (AICE) in Singapore.

We will do this through structured learning pathways that allow Singaporeans to reskill, upskill and deep skill oneself in AI – one of the most crucial in-demand technical skills globally.

We are pleased to announce this newly launched initiative – AISG AI Certification.

The learning pathways and assessment framework are shown in Annex A and Annex B respectively.   The framework has been developed based on the experience we had drawn from the 100 Experiments (100E) programme.   Some of our 100E partners such as Daimler, IBM, KroniKare, NDR Medical, NUS, Q&M Dental and Surbana Jurong are supporting this initiative as this will help them identify and find more AI Engineers to hire.

The same framework can also be used by companies’ Learning & Development teams as a template/reference to reskill selected staff and start building their own AI and Data Science teams.  IBM is participating in this AISG initiative.

With the learning pathways, Singaporeans can choose to enroll in our existing talent development programmes and upgrade their knowledge and skills progressively.  Most of these programmes are free and will only require a personal investment of their time to learn.  There are assessments at each stage to track the learning progress and give recognition to the mastery of AI knowledge and skills by the attendees. Self-directed learners can choose to skip the programmes and take the assessment directly to validate their proficiencies.


AISG will scale our existing AI4E and AI4I programmes to help more Singaporeans build their foundational knowledge and skills in AI. We aim to enable 100,000 Singaporeans to complete the free “Literacy in AI” course, of which 25,000 Singaporeans will be encouraged to attain the “Practical Foundations in AI” certification.

AISG will work with companies and organizations to promote and recognize the AI Certification and identify technical-proficient Singaporean working professionals to be certified as AI Associate Engineers and AI Certified Engineers. We target to start accepting applicants for our Professional Certification by Q1, 2020.

In addition, AISG would also invite local IHLs and local training providers to align their courses to our assessment framework. Interested organizations can write to

Annex A

Annex B