Senior Software Engineer/Data Scientist (Mechanical Engineering & AI)

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Run multiple projects in developing data science solutions to support new product development in TE 
  • Adopt cutting-edge data science techniques (using in-house coding tools or commercial software) to solve engineering problems (such as product design, manufacturing process development, material formulation, etc.) 
  • Develop multiple algorithms powered by machine learning to work on experimental and simulation data sets 
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary environment with specialists in data science, mechanical engineering, material science, mechanics, additive manufacturing and other fields  
  • Collaborate with multiple business units to define deliverable, requirements, and functionalities. 
  • Create awareness across TE of the AI modelling capabilities of the Singapore center 
  • Work with local and global TE sites, and external customers and partners, to address urgent or strategic needs
  • Partner with Singapore research institutes to develop advanced AI techniques, and assist with validation and knowledge transfer of outsourced projects 

Job Requirements: 

  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineering (or related) with 3-4 years (or Bachelor degree with 4-6 years) plus relevant working/research experience 
  • Keen interest in R&D involving coding and data 
  • Deep understanding of data science and machine learning (having a second degree on data science is a plus)
  • Familiar with machine learning algorithms involving multiple data types
  • Strong programming skill in Python or similar languages 
  • Broad knowledge of manufacturing processes, material and product design
  • Experiences with AI applications on product design 
  • Experience in effective project management strategies and tactics 


  • Familiarity with TE products (connectors, cables, sensors etc.) and manufacturing process, (molding, extrusion, plating, stamping, assembly) 
  • Broad understanding of multiphysics simulation (such as FEA finite element analysis, CFD computational fluid dynamics) and CAD
  • Familiarity with project management tools 


Tyco Electronics Singapore Ptd Ltd

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Job type

Full time

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Closing Date
February 29, 2024

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