Computer Vision / Generative AI Researcher

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  • Work with founders at Pebblely to build and deploy cutting-edge AI research with generative image models
  • Candidates will work directly with the technical co-founder, who has published with researchers from Stanford, PyTorch, and OpenAI
  • Specifically, you will explore the following research directions relating to image generation:
    • Algorithmically evaluating realism and aesthetic qualities of generated images
    • “Over”-painting (i.e. adding appropriate shadows, highlights, or other effects on existing product images, to better integrate it into the inpainted background)
    • Object replacement (replacing an object in an existing image with another object)
    • Reduction of artifacts from image inpainting (i.e. reduce unwanted extensions to a product, such as wheels or handles)


  • Proficiency in Python and PyTorch
  • Ability to understand, write and modify detailed PyTorch code, beyond running high-level scripts and models
  • Prior projects illustrating the skills above, which are available for review

Good to have

  • Understanding of diffusion and attention models
  • Experience with using and modifying the diffusers library
  • Experience with writing and deploying Dockerfiles

Pebblely (Alfred Lua UEN: 53344317B)

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Full time

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Closing Date
April 30, 2023

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