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Company Overview:

Navv Studio is a pioneering data-driven market research studio empowering early-stage founders with evidence-based insights. Our mission is to de-risk and accelerate the journey of early-stage startups to product-market fit. We combine innovative technology, deep analytical expertise and a collaborative approach with founders to transform data into actionable strategies to achieve product-market fit.

Position Overview:

We are looking for an experienced AI Tech Lead to develop a self-serve market research platform. This role involves building AI-driven tools for key stakeholder mapping, market trend identification and analysis, competitor identification and analysis, opportunity identification and prioritisation and more. The ideal candidate should be proficient in AI technologies and passionate about transforming market research into an intuitive, powerful tool.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the development of an AI-powered self-serve market research platform.
  • Implement tools for automated stakeholder mapping, market trend analysis, keyword extraction, and competitor analysis using advanced AI techniques.
  • Work closely with the team to understand market research needs and translate them into technical requirements.
  • Drive the integration of AI capabilities to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of market research processes.
  • Keep up with the latest AI innovations and apply them to improve our platform continuously.
  • Communicate complex AI concepts in a clear and understandable manner to stakeholders and team members.
  • Lead, mentor, and grow a team of AI professionals, ensuring high-quality development and deployment of AI solutions.


  • Advanced degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, or related field.
  • Strong background in AI and machine learning, with a focus on natural language processing (NLP) and data analysis.
  • Proven record in building and deploying AI solutions, preferably in market research or a similar field.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R.
  • Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Proven leadership skills with experience in managing technical teams.
  • Strong communication and collaboration abilities.

Why Join Us?

  • Opportunity to work in a dynamic, collaborative environment with a team that values knowledge, empathy, growth, adventure and innovation.
  • Lead the development of an innovative AI-driven market research platform.
  • Opportunity to impact the market research industry and empower startups.

Navv Studio

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Full time

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Closing Date
December 31, 2023

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