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Job Description

The AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP), which is a flagship programme launched by AISG, aim to groom local AI talent and enhance their career with AI-related skills. Apprentices in the programme will first undergo 2 months of deep-skilling, followed by 7 months of executing real-world projects. Since its launch, there have been 10 batches of apprentices who have embarked on this award-winning programme. 

The AIAP team is seeking talents to join the team to continuously refine the programme and spearhead innovative initiatives to enhance the apprentices’ learning experience. You will join a passionate group of people who are inspired to nurture AI talents and be part of the team to lead the growth of the sector in Singapore.

Duties & Responsibilities 
1.    Plan, prepare and execute the AIAP recruitment stages
2.    Maintain, update and enhance the AIAP syllabus
3.    Train and mentor AI apprentices during the Deep-skilling phase
4.    Develop enhancement tools for AIAP
5.    Lead the solution development for short 100E projects
6.    Support AI Singapore’s industry and community-building activities by contributing to talks, seminars, workshops, journals and other outreach programmes


  • Degree in a field with a quantitative focus (computer science, information systems, data science, statistics, mathematics, physics, engineering, operations research, econometrics or others).
  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience developing AI/ML solutions in a corporate or research setting. Solutions that have been deployed into production will be viewed favourably, especially if the candidate assisted in the integration and testing.
  • Solid understanding of machine learning/deep learning fundamentals. Able to appreciate and explain the mathematical workings of common algorithms for computer vision/NLP/tabular data.
  • Hands-on skills in Python-based AI/ML frameworks, specifically TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, and scikit-learn, with a demonstrated ability to adhere to clean coding principles.
  • Experience working with software development tools such as Git and Docker. Prior exposure to Linux environments and CI/CD processes is an advantage. Familiarity with MLOps toolkits for productivity, tracking and reproducibility is a bonus.
  • Aptitude for data story-telling, visualisation and technical communications. Able to abstract and convey technical concepts to non-technical audiences well.
  • Team player with a keen interest in mentoring and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Self-learner with a strong sense of curiosity and attention to detail. 


About AI Singapore

AI Singapore (AISG) is a national AI programme launched by the National Research Foundation (NRF) to anchor deep national capabilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
The programme office is hosted by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and brings together all Singapore-based research institutions and the vibrant ecosystem of AI start-ups and companies developing AI products to perform use-inspired research, grow the knowledge, create the tools, and develop the talent to power Singapore’s AI efforts.


AI Singapore

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Full time

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March 31, 2023

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