AI and Software Engineer

About IOTA MedTech’s Vision:

AI platform to transform healthcare for a billion people


Job Description (AI and Software Engineer) for IOTA MedTech’s employment

  1. To develop artificial intelligence, digital and software platform and system (collectively refers to as PRODUCT) that meets customers’ requirements, regulatory compliance, quality assurance requirements, cybersecurity standards and scalability to serve enterprise customers and public.
  2. To gather customers’ requirements, design, develop, code, train/validate/test, optimize, deploy, document, maintain and support the product on a life-cycle basis.
  3. To develop product for on-premise and cloud deployment via API connectivity.
  4. To optimize and validate the artificial intelligence algorithm to meet requirements in sensitivity, specificity, false positives and/or false negatives and F1 score.
  5. To collaborate with healthcare professionals to prepare data and co-develop product for clinical use.
  6. To conduct research and proof-of-concept of new technology including artificial intelligence algorithms in partners’ environments such as AWS and Nvidia.
  7. To continue with company’s collaborative culture and work harmoniously in a team consisting of roles in product development, regulatory, quality management, marketing and others.
  8. To mentor software engineer to meet common product’s objectives.
  9. To support company’s commercialisation into Asia Pacific region with strategic customers.
  10. To support innovative product development with the identification of clinical trends/requirements for Asia Pacific customers.



iota medtech pte ltd

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Full time

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December 8, 2022

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