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Discussion Effective Communication with Stakeholders in a Project

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In this post, I will share some tips on facilitating quality communication among the various stakeholders involved in a project and effective use of communication tools.


Establish the team organisation

  • Establish the roles of the members, e.g. technical lead, developer, project manager, project sponsor/product owner, etc.
  • Lay out the responsibilities of each role.
  • Well-communicated team organization provides transparency to every member involved, defines clear accountability of each member and facilitates effective communication among the members.


Establish the communication channel

  • Employ good communication tools to enable quality communication.
  • Ensure that all members who are involved in the project have access to the communication tools within their work network environment.
  • Ensure that all members have been granted the essential functions like instant messaging, file sharing, file upload, file editing, whiteboarding, etc.


Establish the purpose of the communication channel

  • Create sub-channels for specific purposes, e.g general, EDA, modeling, MLOps, deployment, etc.
  • Sub-channels ensure that members are not overwhelmed with unnecessary information.


Enrol members in the channel

  • Enrol only members who are required to be in the sub-channels.
  • Ensure that each channel does not contain members who are not involved in the specific project activity.


In summary, effective communication is critical to deliver a successful project. The tips I've shared in this post would help a project manager in establishing quality and effective communication among the stakeholders for successful project delivery.

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