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Article Agile Framework Briefing for AIAP Batch 14

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I would like to share the highlights of a recent Agile Framework briefing session that I had the privilege of conducting. The session covered the core principles and practices of Agile, fostering a dynamic and collaborative approach to project management.

Key Takeaways:

Benefits of Agile Methodology: We presented the benefits of Agile highlighting more control and better quality of work, improved productivity and happy customers.

Agile Manifesto: We visited the Agile Manifesto, emphasising its values of individuals and interactions, working solutions, customer collaboration and responding to change. This lays out the foundation for our ways of working for our projects.

Agile Delivery Framework: Participants gained insights in iterative and incremental development cycles, breaking down projects into smaller, manageable increments. This allows for continuous feedback and aligning stakeholder's expectation with project deliverables.

Agile team, events and artifacts: A deep dive into AISG delivery framework on its roles (Project Sponsor, Principal Investigator, Development Team), events (Project Kick Off, Product Backlog Workshop, Sprint Planning, Standup Meeting, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective), and artifacts (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Product Increment).

After the briefing ended, we had a hands-on workshop for writing Gitlab tasks to allow participants to be familiar in articulating tasks from the user stories. This helped to further solidify their understanding in the sprint backlog and guide them on writing tasks to fulfill criteria on completion of user stories in their project phase.