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The ConnectAI Community

Clean Train Test Deploy

Let's discuss about AI, ML, Data Science, ML Ops, Data Engineering, AI Products, AI jobs, AI Ethics, AI Governance etc here. The title of the forum is inspired by a popular local forum with a four letter acronym EDMW 🙂


Project Management (1 viewing)

In AI Singapore, we manage both customer-fronting and internal AI/ML projects to ensure successful and timely delivery to the project sponsors and product owners. For that, we adopt our very own Agile Delivery Framework adapted from the best practices in the IT industry. This forum is set up to discuss anything and everything about Project Management, and we will have our Project Managers share their experience and takeaways in managing projects. Your thoughts and comments on the discussion points are most welcome.

The AIAP Room

The AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)® seeks to develop Singaporean AI talents and enhance career opportunities in AI-related roles. This room will be the place to discuss anything and everything about AIAP and we will have our AI Engineers, current AIAP apprentices and ex-AIAP apprentices in this room to share their experiences, journey and knowledge.


Becoming AI Ready & AI4SME

This forum discusses programmes and topics on how an organization can go from AI Unaware -> AI Aware -> AI Ready or AI Competent.  We discuss AI Singapore's programmes such as 100E, AI Readiness Index, AI Ready Clinics, and the AI4SME initiative developed in collaboration with GPAI /OECD.