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Article The Minority Report Prediction Model

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What is an example of prediction for crime? Ever heard of The Minority Report?

Do YouTube Police Predict Crimes as in 'Minority Report' if video is not working. 

This was a video shared by my seniors when I was in IBM SPSS. I heard it was done by SPSS Statisticians... Not sure who though.... Take note that this video was 10+ years ago too. 

But the more interesting thing is the application of how crime prevention was done using predictive models and fitted on police cars to guide police officers to location where crimes are very likely to happen.... Yes.... Minority Report in action.

Algorithms, coding, Statistics are interesting.... But if our application isn't adoptable... It will be a very expensive thesis sitting in a laptop.

Always aim to create a Data Science product that can be easily adoptable and with profitablility in mind before you even start coding the first sentence. 

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