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Best ChatGPT prompts for educators (learning, critical thinking, admin, etc)

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Hi educators, 

Would like to start this thread where we can share our best prompts to (1) be inspired by some of the popular use-cases for ChatGPT in the education sector and (2) see examples of prompts with prompt-engineering best practices from each other. 

For those who are new to prompt engineering, we've collaborated with a couple of educators - Kar Mun and Ming Yang from Dunman High School on a short course on Designing Effective Prompts in ChatGPT for Educators - Check it out in our LearnAI platform. 

Let me start by sharing a couple of prompts.

Let's share and learn from each other! 

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Anthony Tang
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Hi Alvin,

My name is Anthony Tang. I am a Mathematics and Engineering Studies Teacher in Sydney Australia researching AI in Education. An integral part of my research is to investigate how AI is implemented in schools domestically and internationally. I am planning to use my teacher research funds to explore AI in Singapore next year and would like to ask if you can put me in contact with someone whom I can learn more about the Designing Effective Prompts for Educators short course and visit schools in Singapore implementing AI in their lessons.

Your help is greatly appreciated as I have to confirm my travel proposal for next year by the 17 November.

Kind regards,

Tony Tang