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Becoming AI Ready & AI4SME


100 Experiments (100E) is AI Singapore’s flagship programme to solve industries’ artificial intelligence (AI) problem statements and help them build their own AI teams.


This forum is for AI solution providers to share their AI services, solution and products so that members of this community and the public can find solution partners for their AI business use case. It is also for SME to find suitable AI solutions, products and use cases to get inspired.

Solution providers - please keep your selling ONLY to this forum and its sub-forums (if any).

Members and the public - AI Singapore is providing this forum as a community service to link-up AI solution providers to you. Caveat Emptor applies!


AI Ready Clinics

This forum is for discussions related to AI Ready Clinics (AIRC) sessions. While this forum is open to all members of EPOCH, only members who have attended the AI Ready Clinics in person can download the slides presented. To get access to the slides, please PM me and I will add you into the sub-forum here to download the slides. [Note that to PM me, you need to participate in this forum and have posted at least 3 posts].
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Becoming AI Ready & AI4SME

This forum discusses programmes and topics on how an organization can go from AI Unaware -> AI Aware -> AI Ready or AI Competent.  We discuss AI Singapore's programmes such as 100E, AI Readiness Index, AI Ready Clinics, and the AI4SME initiative developed in collaboration with GPAI /OECD.