SG-NLP is Launched!

Bridging NLP research and industry in Singapore

The boundaries of Natural Language Processing (NLP) are constantly being pushed by researchers. However, the code for each new model is usually written in a different style and structure. Industry and NLP practitioners usually have to spend time converting the codebase into a more consistent and maintainable style. 

NLP Hub’s SG-NLP initiative aims to bridge this gap between the industry and Singapore-based research groups to accelerate the growth of translational research in NLP. SG-NLP has two main components – an interactive demo website and a Python package.

SG-NLP Demo Website

The demo website showcases the various models and techniques developed and published by NLP groups in Singapore. This website provides a catalogue of various recently published NLP models.

Each model has an interactive demo page where visitors can test out the model with various examples. Results from the model are visualised in easy to understand formats. To illustrate this, the results from the default example for the relation extraction model are shown in the following images.

Our demo website aims to help non-technical decision makers visualise the model’s outputs and assess its performance. The demos also help technical professionals communicate and illustrate what their proposed models are supposed to do. 

SG-NLP Python Package

Once a team has decided on which model they would like to use, they can then make use of the second component of SG-NLP – the sgnlp Python package. You can install sgnlp with pip install sgnlp or refer to our Quickstart guide to get started. Influenced by HuggingFace’s transformers library, sgnlp allows users to access state-of-the-art NLP models with a few lines of code. 

Both the SG-NLP demo webpage and the SG-NLP models Python have been launched! The SG-NLP team is also looking forward to engaging the community to help add even more models to this list. If you are interested in contributing to this effort or have any questions, please feel free to contact us or join our Community

Update : We hosted a Zoom webinar on Sep 2 to share and answer questions on SG-NLP. You can view the recording below.