COVID-19 Initiatives Revisited

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

The words of Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s wartime Prime Minister, still ring true today. In May 2020, in the middle of the Circuit Breaker as the pandemic upended the world economy, AI Singapore (AISG) introduced a series of initiatives to encourage employees and companies in the nation to upgrade their digital skills. This would prepare them to seize opportunities in the digital economy once the pandemic is over. Fast forward twelve months, the COVID-19 pandemic around the world shows no sign of abating. We take a look again at these initiatives.



100E4I is a 9-month programme which helps local companies translate and adopt Al technology to solve business challenges, upskill employees, and improve productivity during these uncertain times.

AISG typically provides in-kind support of up to S$180,000 to fund an Al Engineering team within AISG to work on the company’s Al problem statement, and the company is required to match with 30% in cash and 70% in-kind.

Under the COVID-19 initiative, the cash contribution from local companies is reduced to 10%.

For companies who are interested to participate in 100E4I, please submit the form at


AI for Industry (AI4I)®

AI for Industry (AI4I)® is a fully online programme to help learners gain proficiency in Python and be able to program basic AI and data applications. Under the initiative, the first 2,500 eligible applicants (Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents) enjoyed a special course fee of S$50.

All places at the special course price have been fully redeemed. You can still register for it at regular rate here.


AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)®

AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)® is a 9-month, full-time, deep skilling programme to groom local AI talent. Apprentices work on end-to-end, real-life, industry projects, from scoping problem statements to deploying trained AI models. The programme comprises 2 months of AI coursework on leading AI techniques and applications, followed by 7 months of on-the-job training on an industry AI project.

In the last twelve months, AISG has welcomed three batches of apprentices to the programme.

Please refer to the programme page for information on when the next application will be opened.


AI Data Apprenticeship Programme (AIDP)

AIDP is a 6-month, full-time programme which comprises 2 months of coursework on data curation and basic data engineering techniques and 4 months of hands-on training on a real data project.

AISG welcomed its inaugural batch of apprentices this year.

Please refer to the programme page for information on when the next application will be opened.


We invite Singaporeans to participate in the three education and apprenticeship programmes we are offering. We will also support companies that want to invest in and adopt innovative AI solutions to better prepare themselves for a post COVID-19 world.

– Professor Ho Teck Hua, Executive Chairman of AI Singapore

Even as we do not yet see the end of the pandemic, we are hopeful that we can shape the future we want by investing in the present.