AI Singapore and Transwarp Technology establish strategic collaboration in AI-related areas

AI Singapore and Transwarp Technology, a Big Data and AI Software provider from China, have established a strategic agreement on joint research, resource sharing and training on AI-related projects.

The collaboration between AI Singapore and Transwarp include joint research projects in scalable high-performance AI and analytics framework; participation in joint R&D activities and seminars of mutual interest as well as exchange of scientific, academic and technical information and materials. Transwarp College, a professional education unit of Transwarp, will provide the curriculum and R&D materials, practical platform and experimental schemes on big data/ML/AI to allow AI Singapore to conduct training and certification for its AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP). Transwarp enterprise software will be deployed in AISG’s infrastructure for R&D and industry collaboration, in particular 100 Experiments, Grand Challenge and AI Research Programmes.

Win-win in strategic partnership
The strategic partnership between AI Singapore and Transwarp is an important milestone in AI Singapore’s cooperation with industries and enterprises in the area of AI development, research and education. AI Singapore will benefit from Transwarp’s extensive suite of AI products as well as industry experience, particularly for its 100 Experiments programme and talent development of local data scientists. The AI tools in automation and modelling which are based on Transwarp’s big data/machine learning/algorithm learning materials and software will support the training of local data scientists, research and improve efficiency.

“We are pleased to partner with Transwarp, a leading provider of big data and AI solutions in China. The Transwarp stack is very modern and innovative and shows that the Chinese is at the forefront of not only big data but also AI technology today.” said Laurence LIEW, Director of AI Industry Innovation, AI Singapore.

“The cooperation between Transwarp and AI Singapore will promote joint R&D capabilities on both sides. This is a good model for international AI cooperation in industry, research and academia.” said Yuanhao SUN, founder of Transwarp.

About Transwarp
Transwarp is a leading big data and AI platform provider, focusing on enterprise level cloud computing on container, big data and AI core platform research and services with the vision to make big data and AI eco-system ‘by China’. Transwarp is headquartered in Shanghai with regional headquarters in Beijing, Guangzhou, Toronto, and support centers in Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Chendu, and many offices in different provinces. After years of R&D, Transwarp has developed three product lines with many patents: one-stop big data platform Transwarp Data Hub(TDH), container based cloud OS Transwarp OS(TOS), AI platform Transwarp Sophon, and Hyper- Converged big data server TxData. In 2017, Transwarp was recognized by IDC as the leader of big data market in China. It now has hundreds of use cases in more than 10 industries. Meanwhile, Transwarp has placed great importance on exporting knowledge and personnel training on big data and AI; founded the Transwarp College(TC) which focuses on R&D training products (curriculum, textbook and courseware, practical platform), professional certification and training services. Transwarp has attained wide brand recognition and has finished C round financing led by Tencent.