Visitor Path and Trail Tracking

Implementation Time:
3 months
Solution Provider: Trakomatic Pte Ltd

1. Unable to determine hotspot and cold spot to optimize the sales opportunities
2. To determine the crowd level at the store throughout different period and optimize the staffing
3. To optimize the merchandise display based on the visitor interaction and engagement with the shelves
4. To manage the queue level at the POS counter
5. All of the above at manageable cost without increasing the burden of the on-ground staff

Proposed OTrail software that is based on the latest path and tracking technology, leverages the existing CCTV cameras to track the following
1. real-time tracking of the visitor journey (no video storage required for PDPA compliant)
2. identify the genuine shopper and window shopper at the store
3. measure the visitor engagement and interaction with the different shelves and provide insights into sales conversion and merchandising
4. Trigger real-time alerts based on the crowd level and alert the manager for attention

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Implementation Time

3 months

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