Smarter Education Using Artificial Intelligence

Implementation Time:
1 months
Solution Provider: Noodle Factory

The client had a challenge with their lecturers who spent too much time grading practice / mock assessment papers that students worked on in preparation for their final exams.

While these activities are highly essential to students’ learning, they are time-consuming and highly repetitive.

They need a solution to take the load of these mundane stuff off the lecturers so they can focus on their most important tasks, complex teaching and learning issues.

The Noodle Factory platform, Walter, provided a practical use of AI to automate time-consuming tasks such as marking, feedback and tutoring for lecturers. Because Natural Language Processing algorithms are used, Walter can automatically grade open-ended questions by comparing the student responses against the lecturer’s set of recommended answers, as well as past year papers, which formed the dataset to increase the accuracy of the AI marking engine.

In addition, the AI-powered Q&A engine enables lecturers to easily set up a knowledge base for tutoring, simply by dropping in lecture notes and slides. This knowledge base is the core of the AI tutor, which continues to engage students round the clock, anytime, anywhere.

Through Walter, the lecturers at the client’s school are now able to:  

  • Scale personalised tutoring as the AI tutor goes through key concepts with students and adapts to their individual needs.  

  • Automate repetitive tasks like grading and creating practice assessments easily with our simple-to-use interface.

  • Utilise educator-focused analytics to analyse students’ activity, identify gaps and students at risk, render early intervention and gather and track learning metrics.

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Implementation Time

1 months

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