Optimise Semiconductor Chip Placement with Machine Learning

Implementation Time:
24 months
Solution Provider: AI Singapore

Plunify helps semiconductor design engineers improve design performance, and save time and resources in the design process. Started in 2009 by two passionate engineers, Plunify optimises chip design performance and creates innovative solutions to accelerate product time-to-market. Plunify has operations Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and in the US.

  • Both FPGA and ASIC chips are widely used in consumer electronics a s well a s in enterprise systems. Each chip typically consists of hundreds to millions of transistors (depending on size and complexity)
  • Chip placement is the process of arranging different modules on a chip betore manuracture. t is a laborious stew takes
    days to weeks)
  • Due to modern chip complexity, finding optimal placements
    require highly experienced engineers.
  • Poor chip placement leads to the product not meeting
    performance specifications, incurring costly delays in the production schedule

How can Plunify speed up the chip design process using AI?

AI technologies, aimed at assisting human experts, are used to speed up the chip placement process

  • A chip placement consists of rectangular grids, with each grid containing parts of one or more modules
  • Convolutional neural networks and other deep learning architectures were used to improve the quality of chip placement by predicting good and bad placements with high accuracy
  • Computationally-efficient generative models were used to generate chip placements; AI models were used to predict good ones for production

Shortened product development cycle for Plunify’s chip design partner companies from 2 months to a week, including: 

    Power chips used in automotives;Communications chips used in 5G internet

New technological breakthrough in applying image recognition on chip placement with 80% accuracy. 

Decreased prototyping cost of new chips by 8%

10x less development time for new chip designs


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24 months

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