Helpdesk Ticket Classification and Answering

Implementation Time:
9 months
Solution Provider: AI Singapore

How Daimler use machine learning techniques to build a model that can classify different free-text requests, and match them to a standard solution if it exists, in order to shorten the time it takes to resolve an incident?

A deep learning system was built to classify helpdesk tickets and provide instant answers:

    – Models are trained on large set of past tickets and answers to past tickets
    – AISG team developed an AI system that is able to classify ticket types, and route them to the correct helpdesk team or provide answers from a database if there is a good match
    – Algorithms parse free-response text entered by the user into the helpdesk system
    – The algorithm then predicts the type of helpdesk support being requested and retrieves the correct solution or escalates it to a human operator

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Implementation Time

9 months

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