Fully Automated Building HVAC Energy Optimization through Machine Learning AI technique

Implementation Time:
1 months
Solution Provider: Azendian Solutions Pte Ltd

The company’s HQ building is an commercial office tower with offices, data center and development laboratory. Electricity tariff has increased dramatically over the last few years. The office office building also needs to be Greenmark ready. One of the highest energy user is the HVAC system which include Chiller Plant and Air handling unit. The objective is to reduce energy use or efficiency of the Chiller plant and AHU by at least 8% each.

We applied our Chiller Plant and Air Side digital twin HVAC energy optimisation solution. This is a software solution which does not require new IOTs or sensors. it relies on existing investments in the Building Management system, chillers and AHU plus existing sensors.

The solution is able to draw data in real time directly from the BMS, run simulations in the digital twins, determine new efficient setpoints and write back directly to the BMS automatically, in near real-time. The algorithm will seek the lowest set point from data received and update the BMS automatically. It also has a self learning algorithm which will continuously seek, from period to period new or changing external input to update the digital twin, again automatically. In this way the digital twin is fully tuned to the asset it serves, run continuosly 24/7 providing the most efficient and optimized outcome.

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1 months

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