Capture of blood pressure date from screens of ‘dumb’ devices

Implementation Time:
3 months
Solution Provider: Coryx Pte Ltd

Doctor founders had a concept to better capture and manage a patient’s medical data via an app, and allow them to deliver higher quality medical care to their patients.

Would it be possible to use a phone camera and AI to read and automatically capture blood pressure data from LCD screens of
“dumb” devices, in a way that was simple and easy to use for older patients and non-technically savvy caregivers?

Budget constraints also made it unfeasible to on-board a full-time engineering team.

A computer vision model was trained to recognize and capture key data from LCD screens of blood pressure machines. This model was optimized to work on the ‘edge’ for iOS and android devices, allowing patient data and privacy to be preserved. A mobile app was built around the model to create a user-friendly end-to-end solution.


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Implementation Time

3 months

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