AI Automated Dental Charting System

Implementation Time:
7 months
Solution Provider: AI Singapore

EM2AI is a Medical Technology startup based in Singapore and is part of the Q&M Dental Group. They focus on providing a solution that supports the best dental practices by elevating dental experiences for everyone through ethical medical practices and evolutionary machine learning.

Dental charting is a tedious manual process that requires a dentist to go through each tooth one at a time and the nurse needs to take manual notes of what the dentist has said by the side.

The challenge:

  • Lack of clinical decision support and no standardized treatment plan which can result in overtreatment, undertreatment and mistreatment.
  • Inefficient use of multiple programs which are not integrated with each other.
  • Undetected pathologies may result in more extensive treatment and higher costs for patients
  • Risk of inconsistency across dentists when diagnosing dental pathologies.

An AI model was developed to detect four OPG(Orthopantomogram/Full-Mouth) X-ray dental conditions namely tooth numbering, caries, bone loss problem and missing teeth. The model would automatically convert identified conditions as well as healthy teeth into a full dental chart to facilitate review by a dentist.


  • Deployed o more than 150 clinics in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Received positive feedback from dentists – time saved as they can chart patient’s teeth automatically in less than a minute as compared to 5-10 minutes before.
  • Lower the chances of any undetected pathology, achieve a more comprehensive treatment plan for the patient and raise the patient’s awareness of dental health.

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Implementation Time

7 months

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