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VoiceInteraction is an AI-Driven Speech Processing technology company focused on Automatic Speech Recognition. Founded by a team of Ph.D. researchers and experts in the field, back in 2008, VoiceInteraction has made significant developments and breakthroughs in the areas of speech recognition, natural language processing, translation, dialog systems, and speech synthesis. We believe that speech-to-text will be the preferred method for access to information, and we continue to move forward with innovative solutions combined with scientific Research & Development. Our products are constantly developed and refined in order to provide a wide range of features, introducing competitive advantages to our clients’ frameworks. With offices on 4 continents and over 500 customers, VoiceInteraction strives to offer solutions that are, today, a reference in the Broadcast Industry, Public and Private Enterprises, Educational and Cultural Entities, Healthcare Providers and Contact Centres. We are represented in Lisbon (Portugal), São Paulo (Brazil), New York (United States of America), and Singapore. The technology is 100%-owned by VoiceInteraction, having the flexibility to adapt its products to the client’s needs as well as from the market. Over the last decade, VoiceInteraction has been developing its AI-based proprietary recognition engine AUDIMUS. Constantly evolving, it allows for highly customizable speech processing tasks in real-time, as well as post-recording workflows in over 33 languages (and specific accents). Our language models that are deployed to the market reach high levels of accuracy, going above 90%. Nevertheless, we continuously work to make sure the models can reach their performance peak with more relevant data. With its genesis in classical methodologies, an innovative daily deployment pipeline in addition to using Deep Neural Networks completely revolutionized the production of language models. The significant increase in available data and the maximization of processing capabilities allow us to offer high-quality results in various usage scenarios. The evolution in terms of data volume and quality of transcribed materials allows for presenting optimized results in multiple business areas when the technology is applied in practice. Our internal structure is composed of over 50 employees, spread across our offices, who work every day to deliver the best AI for Automatic Speech Recognition to our clients worldwide.

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