Tagteam Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Website: http://www.tictag.io

Tictag is a one-stop source for data from Asia. We’re a Singapore startup that’s built an innovative, gamified, mobile-first platform for companies to harness crowdsourcing to collect, annotate and manage valuable image, text or audio data. Tictag offers unmatched accuracy rates for data collection and annotation, so that companies get the best quality ground truth for their models, with an emphasis on speed and scalability. Companies that are investing in data, AI and machine learning can expect to develop much better models with Tictag’s Truetag system, with up to 99.97% accuracy. Tictag runs a #GoodData4Good initiative where we work with companies keen on making a social impact to help persons with disabilities find meaningful ways to earn income through our app.

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