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Industries are under severe pressure to improve competitiveness and profitability while yet achieving the goals of Safety, Climate change and Environmental protection. Todays tools kits for these industries are a myriad set of disconnected system that help them understand the state and condition of their assets starting with manual conducted visual inspections (GVI, and CVI) of industrial assets to data systems on some IOT platforms, information on PLM scads systems and manual workforce inputs. More often than not all these disconnected systems lead to significant unplanned plant down time. THE SOLUTION: Industries need unified tools that will help with predictive detections and enable preventive maintenance. This will require a more integrated and realtime view and analysis of their assets condition across all their data sets visual, Operations, Sensor and measurement based and many others. At oceans.ai, we integrate data from various inspection processes (such as NDT), IoT systems, control systems, amongst other data sets. Our internally developed AI-powered ‘human-in-command’ approach allows companies to meaningfully aggregate all asset inspection and monitoring data in a single platform and deliver predictive and preventive asset condition findings and reporting that goes way beyond the traditional written reports related to GVI’s, CVI’s, confined space, UT and thermal inspections, yet still provides traditional reporting formats should they be required.

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