Docuf.AI was founded with one aim in mind. We wanted to make unstructured data structured. We wanted to create a world where manual data entry of information from documents like Invoices, Purchase Orders, Airway Bills, Seaway Bills, etc. becomes a thing of the past. In today’s digital age, companies and individuals deal with all sorts of digital copies of documents that come in PDF or image formats. However, the problem is manual data entry is still required to input this data into ERP or Accounting Software to utilize. As such, we created the Docuf.AI IDP Engine to solve this problem. Docuf.AI IDP Engine uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence to make sense of data on documents, extract out this data and allow for companies to utilize this data. Because Docuf.AI IDP Engine is using Artificial Intelligence, it is format agnostic. The engine is able to make sense of a wide range of document formats. On top of that, the engine learns over time and will only get better. We also understand that companies may not necessarily have the capability or resources to employ Artificial Intelligence in their automation journey. Therefore, we have made a simple to use dashboard that works seamlessly with the engine and also have API integrations with third-party ERP and Accounting Systems. Furthermore, we have our Artificial Intelligence capabilities and knowledge, we are able to customize an engine for an organization should they wish to do so.

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