Coryx Pte Ltd


The Coryx team is a collection of consultants, designers and engineers with one common goal: To blend design, processes, and smart software into seamless solutions that infuse digital powers into business workflows. Our solutions are designed to help you be more efficient, engage better, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our Capabilities:
Visual Comprehension:
Coryx brings the power of visual understanding to business workflows. Recognize, extract and process data from PDFs and hard copy documents. Inspect products and detect defects. With visual comprehension, you can now digitize and scale the expertise needed to run your business processes.

Language Understanding:
Coryx brings the power of language understanding to business workflows. Respond automatically to customer enquiries. Monitor, analyze and understand feedback from your customers and engage with them better.

Automate processes:
Sometimes, business workflows are just repetitive. Like moving data between separate ERP systems, or dealing with processes unsupported by these systems. Coryx’s flexible Robotic Process Automation capabilities can address these workflows in a fast and lightweight, yet customizable and trackable manner, so that these automations can evolve with your changing business needs in a cost-effective manner.

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