AIAP Widens Singapore’s AI Talent Pool to Fuel Inclusive Innovation

Singapore has grand ambitions of becoming a global AI innovation and talent hub. While AI engineers remain a critical part of the ecosystem, building world-class AI applications requires a diverse talent pool beyond coders and data scientists.


AI Singapore’s AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP) is one of the premier programs producing real-world-ready AI Engineers. In fact, besides AI Engineers or Data Scientists, our apprentices have also gone on to take other roles, such as:

Focused Multiple AIAP Tracks

In batch 15 onwards, to better prepare our AIAPs for such roles and to widen Singapore’s AI talent pipeline for roles beyond AI engineering, we will have multiple tracks by job roles that the apprentices aspire to be with mentorship by practising experts in these fields within my team.

The AI Engineers track targets individuals with intermediate ML knowledge looking to become full-fledged AI engineers. The curriculum focuses on advancing AI and ML skills, model deployment and software engineering best practices by working on projects from the 100E programme.

The MLOps Engineers track equips software engineers with the skills to operationalize machine learning systems at scale. Participants learn ML model deployment, continuous monitoring, version control and automation techniques on cloud platforms. The aim is to produce MLOps engineers who can ensure ML systems remain performant, reliable and fair in production through continuous improvement cycles.

The Prompt Engineers track is suited for professionals with foundational AI knowledge interested in optimizing large language models through prompt engineering. The curriculum covers natural language understanding, dataset curation, loss function design and ethics considerations. The track cultivates prompt engineers who can responsibly leverage LLMs’ power through careful tuning, evaluation and supervision.

The AI Product Managers track provides candidates looking to drive AI product development with foundational knowledge in areas like user research, product marketing, agile methodology and team leadership.

The AI Consultants track is designed for business and management professionals aspiring to become AI consultants. The curriculum covers topics such as AI strategy, innovation road-mapping, business case development and communication skills.


By expanding beyond just AI engineers, AIAP aims to nurture a holistic talent pool that spans the AI development cycle – from data curators to ethicists, prompt engineers to product managers. This balanced ecosystem will be better equipped to build inclusive AI applications that work for everyone.

The AIAP-focused tracks effectively groom and train participants to excel in their respective roles, equipping them with the right skills and expertise to become job-ready upon graduation.

Singapore needs partners and talent from diverse backgrounds to join this effort to harness AI for good, ethically and sustainably. The expansion of AIAP to cover a broader scope of AI-related jobs aims to fuel a wave of AI-driven transformation for inclusive growth and shared prosperity.

AIAP is now inviting applications for its latest batch of programs. AI Singapore welcomes individuals with the passion, grit and determination to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI for the common good.

The journey to build an AI-ready and future-proof workforce has just begun. Together, we can create an AI culture of innovation that ensures no one is left behind in the digital economy. Let’s create AI for Everyone in Singapore.

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  • Laurence Liew

    Passionate about growing the next generation of Singaporean AI talents, I spend my time figuring out the best ways to groom more Singaporeans for AI, getting our kids interested in STEM and accelerating SMEs’ adoption of AI through AI Singapore 100E programmes.