StorywrAIter – the AI assisted writing tool for the Malay language

AISG has launched the StorywrAIter, an AI-assisted writing tool designed for the Malay language. With this tool, we hope to showcase the possibilities of AI and evaluate its abilities in low resource languages.


What is StorywrAIter? How does it work?

StorywrAIter is an AI-assisted writing tool designed to create children’s stories in the Malay language. With StorywrAIter, parents or educators may work alongside their child to develop a story idea together. They can do that by asking guiding questions, and helping the child type his/her ideas so that the child can focus on telling the story. The tool provides guidance in the idea development process, offers suggestions when the writer is stuck, and generates a first draft. The user can then edit the first draft and create a final piece.


Why children stories in Malay?

Current large language models are primarily trained on English language datasets. Thus, their performance might be lower in low resource languages like those in Southeast Asia, including Bahasa Melayu. By experimenting with large language model capabilities in such languages, our goal is to gain insights into the performance of these models in a low resource language and identify areas that need improvement.

We chose to start with generating children’s stories as they often use simple language and themes, which we hypothesise and are easier for large language models to generate. With StorywrAIter, we want to explore the following questions: Can current LLMs create natural-sounding stories in low resource languages? Can they also display cultural nuances? We hope that we can explore these questions with you.


Our broader effort: LLM for SEA languages

This tool is part of our broader effort to build AI products that can benefit individuals and companies in Singapore. The AI Products team is currently working on a more fundamental effort to advance SEA NLP – we are building an LLM trained on SEA content written in SEA languages. We aim to build an LLM that performs well in SEA languages and understand SEA’s cultural nuances.

We believe that this technology has the potential to provide significant value within organisations in the region, and thus we plan to freely distribute this model when we have finished training and testing it. Stay tuned for more releases.


Help us test StorywrAIter today!

We would like to invite you to test out StorywrAIter and provide us with your feedback. We welcome any feedback (products[at] on your experience using the product, the draft quality produced by the AI, etc.

Please also help share about the StorywrAIter with anyone who would find this useful or enjoyable!


Click here for the Malay version.