Pitting TagUI Against the Big Boys

RPA (robotic process automation) refers to the automation of digital processes done by human workers, and is one of the fastest growing enterprise software over the last few years. One of the leading commercial RPA software vendors, Automation Anywhere, organised a series of RPA challenges in August, providing customer real-life business scenarios for its users and users of other RPA software to solve.

AI Singapore joined in the fun with some attractive prizes for TagUI users to solve using the tool. The TagUI team joined in as well. What is evident is a free and open-source RPA tool like TagUI can solve these business scenarios just as easily, as quickly, as reproducibly, as commercial RPA software like Automation Anywhere and UiPath.

This can be validated by browsing through the #BotGames hashtag, to see posts from different users of RPA tools. There are lots of posts for this LinkedIn hashtag, to see all the posts you can sort by: Recent. Posts made by Ken Soh, product engineer at AI Singapore working on TagUI, consistently ranked amongst #BotGames posts with the most engagements from the RPA community.

Week 1 – Customer onboarding filling website with data from Excel
Week 2 – Supply chain updating data from one website to another
Week 3 – HR data migration from desktop app and API to HRM
Week 4 – Accounting scanned invoice processing using OCR

Ken, as with other TagUI users, solve using different flavours of TagUI, including the human language version, the Python version, and the Microsoft Word version (Week 3 example above). In fact for week 4, the toughest challenge, he was the first to post a solution amongst users of all other RPA tools. Also, check out the fastest entries made by TagUI users in TagUI community forum.

Thank you to all TagUI users who participated, it was a learning experience for everyone in the RPA community who took part in these RPA challenges kindly created and hosted by Automation Anywhere. Following are TagUI users with the fastest entries (in no particular order), each winning $500 USD worth of prize (AI Singapore LearnAI Premium Subscription + DataCamp Premium Annual Subscription).

François Blanc from France – Customer Satisfaction and Quality Manager at Schneider Electric
Abdulaziz Shaikh from India – Final Year Student at M.H. Saboo Siddik College Of Engineering
Nived N from India – RPA Influencer / Trainee RPA Developer at Tata Consultancy Services
Mirza Ahsan Baig from Saudi Arabia – Automation Engineer Intern at Selangor HR Development Centre
Daniel Correa de Castro Freitas from Brazil – RPA Developer at Infosys Consulting
Wei Soon Thia from Singapore – RPA / Data Science / Engineering Project Lead at SimplifyNext
Chee Huat Huang from Singapore – Human Capital Analytics Manager at SATS Limited

In particular, Wei Soon and Chee Huat opt to give their prizes to others in the community who may be able to benefit more. A post-event lucky draw was held using a TagUI workflow to randomly select 2 people from folks who expressed interest in having these AI/ML/DS learning subscriptions. Bibin P John from India and Nur Ashikin Binti Rohaime from Malaysia won themselves the prizes.

Special shout out to Daniel from Brazil. He shared on his GitHub repository all 4 weeks of solutions using both TagUI human language and Python versions. Check out his very nicely documented and high quality solutions.

TagUI, and its various ‘flavours’, are fully free and open-source. Go ahead and make a dent in the digital automation space using them as part of your digital toolbox. Create RPA solutions for your clients, your bosses, your colleagues, and even your loved ones 😄 (yes, you really can).

PS – The temporary turbo mode created to play in the challenge, is now available as a permanent option. Users can now run at 10X faster than normal human user speed. A workflow that takes 1h to complete can now be done in 5 minutes. Imagine what RPA can do to help meet your deadlines!

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