Nurturing the Love of STEM With Our Kids

AI Singapore (AISG) recently supported Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan’s Thinkers Programme and introduced our AI for Kids (AI4K)® to participating students from their affiliated schools.

The Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) Thinkers Programme started in 2019 with two goals. The first is to develop student’s confidence, analytical and problem-solving competencies. The second is to expose the students to areas of STEM and how technology can improve our way of life.

152 students participated in this year’s Thinkers Programme, accompanied by 26 teachers. Through AI4K, students learn about machine learning concepts, including supervised learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and different uses of AI. Then, they went on to apply their newfound knowledge and build simple applications using block coding software.

Photo taken during AI4K Certified Instructor Bootcamp

We did not miss the opportunity to plus-skill our teachers at the same time. With the support of our training partner – AI Learning Lab – we conducted a 2-day AI4K Certified Instructor Bootcamp for them, familiarising the teachers with the AI4K course materials so that they can conduct AI enrichment classes themselves in the future.

Our AI4K is available here at LearnAI. We have recently refreshed and expanded our series to Beginners and Intermediate course packs, so just register an account and learn them for FREE.

If you are a Singapore school looking to organize schools-wide AI literacy programmes, you can also drop us a note here.



  • Sengmeng

    Sengmeng is a Senior Deputy Director with AI Singapore, overseeing talents and certification programs, and standards development work with international bodies including ISO SC42 and IEEE AISC. He is a regular conferences speaker sharing state strategies for AI, and advisors to international partners such as Chulalongkorn University Technology Center. He contributes to tech communities with executive appointments in associations and his latest passion is the AI Professionals Association (AIP), which he co-founded in July 2020 to grow the Chartered AI Engineer (CAIE) profession and a global community of AI practitioners.