UX Design for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Try to recall the first time you came across the phrase, “UI/UX Design” or User Interface/ Experience Design.

You might’ve asked:
What is User Interface?
What is User Experience?
And what exactly is the difference between the two?

On top of these questions, a third element is thrown into the mix — UI/UX Design for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. Now, designers face the task of designing user interfaces and experiences for an upcoming array of products and workflows that incorporate the use of Machine Learning techniques.

Essentially, the problem at hand becomes:

How should we design user interfaces and experiences for people to understand and use AI products?


Here at AI Singapore (AISG), one of our aims is to create useful machine learning softwares and products for industries, companies, and everyday users. We want to harness the power of AI to make people’s lives easier.

Conversely, our UX team at AISG, has one major goal: to create and design useful, easy-to-understand ML experiences that facilitate a seamless and joyful experience for users.

In our upcoming series of AI4UX articles, we’ll explore the aforementioned questions, introduce design frameworks, and present real-life case studies, all in an attempt to share and compile the design work we do here at AI Singapore (AISG).

Whether you’re a fellow UX Designer, AI Engineer, or just a curious reader, there’s bound to be something interesting for you to learn from these resources.

Stay tuned!