AISG Partners with Google Cloud to Advance Singapore’s AI ecosystem

AISG has partnered with Google Cloud to advance the adoption of AI and Machine Learning (ML) across industries in Singapore. This collaboration will have AI Singapore’s award-winning AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)®, 100 Experiments (100E) and Makerspace programmes leverage Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning to solve real-world business problems with AI.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud will see both teams working on interesting industry projects, talent development and AI/ML best practices,” said Laurence Liew, Director of AI Innovation for AISG. “This collaboration will allow our teams to tap on Google Cloud’s engineering team and resources to improve our talent programmes, gain access to best-in-class AI tools, and AI/ML best practices.”

Companies will have the opportunity to approach AI Singapore to have engineers work to develop minimal viable products using Google Cloud’s technology under the 100E and Makerspace programmes. To date, AISG has helped to deploy more than 30 AI projects for the industry and built AI tools and solutions such as the world’s most popular open source RPA tool – TagUI – which has more than 70,000 downloads and 4000 stars on Github. and Genesis Gym in Singapore are two examples of organizations who are working together with AISG to implement AI-based solutions with Google Cloud tools: looked to 100E for a solution to develop an AI-based asset inspection solution for industrial applications to conduct first-level defect detections in certain environments and contexts, such as on offshore oil and gas platforms. Google Cloud tools including Firebase, Cloud Run, and Cloud Storage enabled to accelerate the development of this AI engine, and they are expecting the AI engine to be implemented by end-2021.

“AI Singapore and Google Cloud have been valuable partners in our development of an AI-powered asset inspection solution. The team’s innovative thinking, willingness to try new methods, out-of-the-box thinking and quick deployment have been a great help in advancing our goal to build an autonomous AI engine that can streamline our detection processes and reduce manual manpower and improve the accuracy and efficiency of inspection and reporting. With full deployment targeted for the end of this year, we are looking forward to seeing where this solution will take us, and are hopeful that together with AISG and Google Cloud, we are on the right track to be the gamechangers in the Energy and Renewables industry.“

Vinod Govindan
Founder and Managing Director,

Facing rising demand for customised online fitness services, Genesis Gym turned to AISG and GCP to scale up their AI capabilities and computing resources to cater to online gym-goers. Genesis Gym is working to utilise Google Cloud’s AI tools for computer vision and pose estimation, to assist users in their movement errors and provide coaching tips catered
to their specific needs.

“Providing quick and effective feedback to our clients is at the core of what we do at Genesis Gym.
Following the rise of online classes, this process became increasingly challenging, which encouraged us
to connect with AI Singapore’s 100E projects to find a solution. Together with AI Singapore and Google Cloud, we are working to create an easily scalable AI model that would allow us to continue in our mission in providing personalised services to our clients online, and are hopeful that we will be able to develop an automated process that adds value to their customised fitness experiences.”

Jonathan Wong, Company Director
Genesis Gym

Paul Wilson, Managing Director for Public Sector, Google Cloud Asia Pacific, said, “AI and machine learning are the next frontier of the digital age, and cloud technologies hold the keys to data-driven solutions that are in demand today. The partnership with AI Singapore sees us working jointly to
spearhead new applications of Cloud AI to fundamentally change business models and advance innovation in Singapore. In doing so, we hope to play a role in sustaining the nation’s national competitiveness, and transforming Singapore into a global hub for AI solutions.”

The next intake for the AI Apprenticeship Programme starts in September 2021.


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