Introduction to Computer Vision (CV) Hub

Since its establishment in 2017, AI Singapore (AISG) has embarked on numerous Computer Vision projects within the 100E programme, which helps organisations use AI to solve their business problems. One such collaboration was with IBM in which AISG delivered a system to help their product engineers better predict the return rates of different hardware products (check out the articlevideo interview and podcast to know more).

With each successful completion of a project, the engineering team’s experience and expertise with Computer Vision (CV) solutions have grown. It was realised that many solutions had common components which could be shared. Thus, the CV Hub was established to develop a customisable and user-centric AI Engine that could speed up the development work in future projects.

After a year of development, Version 1.0 of the AI Engine (Figure 1) has the ability to train models, perform inference, and evaluate models. The engine has been tested and its performance benchmarked in different edge and cloud deployment scenarios.

Figure 1: Current AI Engine (Version 1.0) for computer vision

One example of such a deployment was the system built in collaboration with HP Inc to assist social distancing within their manufacturing facility. Another example is the mobile app currently in development to assist exercise tracking of sit-ups and push-ups. The team is actively working to add more models and use cases to expand its capabilities. With the successful deployment of the engine for real-world use cases, the team is now planning to open-source some components of the engine by the end of 2021.

In addition, owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in interest for home-based fitness. In order to help meet the demand, the CV Hub team has extended the pose estimation use case within the engine to have the capability to provide real-time feedback for any motor skills based activity. This use case has been packaged into an application known as SensAI, a word play on the word Sensei which means teacher in Japanese.

The video below offers a sneak peek into how users can interact with the application while exercising. This application is scheduled for launch in Q4 2021.

As the demand for deployable Computer Vision solutions increases in the near future, the CV Hub team at AI Singapore is prepared to assist and collaborate with companies to solve real-world problems. You can get in touch with us via email at