Simplifying Admin Processes with TagUI Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A common issue shared by businesses is spending copious amounts of time on repetitive administrative work. Staff can spend up to days performing the same tasks, costing companies the opportunity to transfer their resources to focus on other important assignments. Faced with this business challenge, CA Trust — a company offering audit, tax and advisory services to SMEs, MNCs, government and non-profit organizations — turned to AI as a solution.

Previously, their staff had to spend many days to perform tasks such as extracting and processing customer information from the CRM and accounting software as well as populating and sending out engagement letters to complete their customers’ on boarding process. Having engaged a few interns from a local polytechnic in November 2019, AISG’s open source TagUI Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool was implemented as a solution to simplify the processes involved. The tool is capable of automating key repetitive tasks such as information extraction and sending out engagement letters to clients. Alongside the interns, AISG provided consultancy and support services to assist the team with the implementation of the AI tool.

The outcomes of the collaboration successfully shortened preparation time from 48 hours to just 2 hours and freed up company staff to invest their attention in other key tasks such as client engagement. On top of all that, the AI solution managed to incur cost savings for the organization.

“We are glad to know about RPA TagUI, the very first RPA tool which we use to automate some of our routine processes. Digital automation not only improves productivity and efficiency, it also enhances our staff’s working experience. I would like to thank AISG for arranging the internship and providing the guidance to our firm and team members in the journey towards adopting RPA technology for our traditional auditing work.”

Chua Soo Rui, Audit Partner