Open Source Solutions at FOSSASIA Summit 2020

In the recent FOSSASIA Summit in March, AI Singapore contributed two speakers to share with the community our efforts to build open source solutions for artificial intelligence. Held against the backdrop of COVID-19, many of the sessions in this year’s event had to be moved online and the organisers deserve full credit for coordinating, aggregating and delivering all the scheduled content despite multiple challenges in last minute travel restrictions and strict social distancing measures put in place.

To start off, one of our principal AI consultants, Tern Poh, gave an overview of AI Singapore’s mission and programmes and where our open source pre-built solutions (aka ‘AI Bricks’) fit within them.

If you are interested in zooming in on specific parts of Tern Poh’s presentation, below are some bookmarks.

  • 1:06 Tern Poh’s profile
  • 2:29 AI Singapore’s mission and programmes
  • 4:13 The pillars in AI Singapore
  • 6:51 The 100E and apprenticeship programmes
  • 9:45 Examples of industry projects in the 100E and apprenticeship programmes
  • 13:25 Introduction to AI Bricks
  • 15:32 TagUI RPA tool
  • 16:28 Golden Retriever information retrieval tool
  • 18:17 Corgi auto labeling tool
  • 19:08 Speech Lab voice-to-text engine
  • 21:27 The AI Makerspace website

Continuing from where Tern Poh left off, our RPA (robotic process automation) engineer, Yi Sheng, gave the audience a deep dive into the use of the TagUI tool, one of the AI Bricks. In a comprehensive coverage of the tool, he demonstrated its utility in various use cases as well as walked everyone through the code that make task automation come alive.

You can find useful bookmarks of Yi Sheng’s sharing below.

  • 0:52 Demo of COVID-19 Update Temperature flow
  • 2:35 Demo of Forex Gmail flow
  • 4:36 Demo of Letter flow
  • 6:25 Code walkthrough of COVID-19 Update Temperature flow
  • 11:23 Code walkthrough of Forex Gmail flow
  • 16:05 Code walkthrough of Letter flow
  • 17:46 Installing TagUI
  • 21:00 Writing and deploying your first flow
  • 26:02 Navigating the documentation of TagUI
  • 34:07 Creating a more complex flow : 1-for-1 Deals

The AI Singapore team here will continue to do its best to contribute to open source solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.