TagUI v6 User Experience Release

Announcing the release of the latest version of TagUI!

New Features

  • Deploy double-clickable shortcuts easily using -deploy / -d option #692
  • Run flow options with one letter, -h instead of -headless
  • Click on text using OCR, like this: click your text here using ocr #702 / #736
  • Use indentation instead of {} for code blocks #746
  • Access live mode directly from the command line with tagui live
  • Use the exist() function to check until whether a given element exists #651

Breaking Changes

  • Makes chrome the new default browser #691
  • Makes visible chrome browser mode the default mode
  • .tag extension is now mandatory
  • echodumpwritecheck steps no longer use quotes for strings, consistent with other steps #693
  • All run options must be run with a leading dash -, like -headless
  • Run flows that don’t use the browser with -nobrowser / -n option #715

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes “did not close properly” error in chrome #690 / #699 / #735


  • No more (often unwanted) default saving of log files, To enable logging, create an empty tagui_logging file in the tagui/src folder.
  • Documentation overhaul and migration to readthedocs
  • New logo
  • Hindi keywords updated

Deprecated features

  • R integration #745
  • Upload run option #753

This release introduces many changes to improve the user experience when writing, running and deploying TagUI flows. It also brings a documentation overhaul and migration to readthedocs.

The release notes on GitHub are here.

TagUI is a Brick (pre-built solutions) from AI Makerspace, a platform offered by AISG to help SMEs and start-ups accelerate the adoption of AI in Singapore.


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