Supporting Our Healthcare Workers and Kidney Disease Patients

AI Singapore and RenalTeam were pleased to be able to share with the public the collaborative work they have done in the area of renal health on November 21, 2019. Founded by Mr Chan Wai Chuen in 2012, RenalTeam is an outpatient kidney dialysis service provider with operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Since 2014, the healthcare provider has been amassing data captured from the treatment of its patients. Kidney patients are often at risk of hospitalisation for various reasons. Being able to dynamically and accurately identify high-risk patients will enable limited resources to be channeled to ensure quality care. This is a significant challenge for any medical team. Would an AI model be able to provide additional support in this area? With inspiration from the 2018 HIMSS conference, Wai Chuen brought the company into the 100E programme offered by AI Singapore to get started on the AI journey.

Starting in January this year, Mr Lim Tern Poh, then an apprentice in the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)™ and now a senior AI engineer at AI Singapore, took on the challenge of developing an imbalanced class model with a predictive window of one week. Starting with no medical knowledge, he and his team mates quickly got up to speed with scoping out the problem, exploring the data, selecting the features and finally, training the model. In the span of seven months, they succeeded in delivering a model comparable with the performance of the medical team in RenalTeam.

The audience consisted of a mix of both healthcare and technology workers. Interesting questions were asked, like the course of action to take when human and machine arrive at different conclusions, how the model integrates seamlessly into the every day routines of the medical team. With kidney disease on the rise in the nation, AI Singapore is proud to have done our part in supporting our healthcare workers and improving the quality of life of citizens.

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