It’s Next Technologies

It’s Next Technologies’s background:
It’s next technologies is a Startup that was founded in May 2018 by Iqbal and Stephan during the SGI/EntrepreneurFirst’s 3rd program in Singapore.

Our mission is to use cutting-edge AI to automate the most painful and time-consuming processes when creating Computer-Graphics (CG) content.
And our vision is to drive a paradigm shift in the Animation and VFX industry; to empower CG artists so they can focus on creating, rather than wasting their time on repetitive tasks.

Our technology:
We are using advances in deep learning and applying them to fit seamlessly within our customers’ creative processes. To do this, our tech touches on many fields of AI, from computer vision to audio analysis, and, with each new feature we develop, we face new and interesting technical challenges.

You can find more about us at, or get in touch directly via LinkedIn

Iqbal Haider
Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Stéphane Mangeon
Co-Founder and CTO

Dayne Cowan
Industrial Advisor and Product Consultant

AI in Entertainment