Chat as an interface to automate business processes and workflows for increased productivity

Company profile
Botbot.AI is an enterprise productivity solution that uses chat as an interface to automate business processes and workflows. Driven by our principles of maximizing human potential, we aim to move people away from low-value, menial and transactional work, leaving those to chatbots, and refocusing them on high-cognition, high-value tasks, driving enterprise productivity and elevating the level of engagement in our workforce.

Botbot.AI was built for the Asian enterprise in mind, optimized for the rich range of languages and creoles as well as platforms popular within the region. We harness advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, but that only makes chatbots more conversant on the surface. Rather, it is our comprehension of the complex systems powering each enterprise that have led us to creating chatbots that not only integrate extensively with, but also directly address and automate workflows or processes within these abstract systems. Above all, Botbot.AI taps on a rich new source of data — conversations — that bring a qualitative edge to the insights that businesses can already glean from existing quantitative data.

Most enterprise softwares are limited by their adoption within the organization, and as such, our chatbots are deeply integrated with existing back-end systems to execute necessary workflows, providing utility whilst engaging users with an interface that they are more than familiar with – chat.

With deep expertise in understanding, dissecting and analyzing conversations, we’ve successfully built chatbots that deal with all sorts of custom workflows from financial trading to food ordering, for clients ranging from cafes to conglomerates. Botbot.AI hopes to ultimately become the automation solution of choice for dynamic, innovative organizations of the future.

Recent successes
Botbot.AI has seen the biggest traction in industries that rely on labour-intensive, administration-heavy processes. Our clients range from banks to restaurants and even dating agencies! Among them, FranCIS, a Singtel chatbot that aims to provide clients with quick answers they need to specific questions that they might otherwise have to scour the website for, thus creating a new touchpoint for the brand to engage customers.

Within the financial services sector, our clientele includes TP Bank in Vietnam, and in line with their vision of becoming an innovative digital bank, launched T’Aio, their fully Vietnamese chatbot, in 2017. With T’Aio, Botbot.AI has served more than 2,000 customers for their transactional needs, and have also worked with insurance companies and asset management firms to automate back-office operations.

Human resource has also been an automation stronghold, and in a global FMCG conglomerate, Botbot.AI has not only enriched the onboarding process for new hires, but also established a use case as a research tool together with Alexa, evaluating the efficacy of their products in the household and recording qualitative user feedback for further enhancements.

Widening our repository of chatbots, each with custom workflows and lexicons, has validated our hypothesis that chatbots can augment human effort in many key industries and make all that we do count for more. Botbot.AI hopes to ultimately become the automation solution of choice for dynamic, innovative organizations of the future and engage the workforce on a level higher than ever before.

This article was posted on behalf of Botbot.AI.