AI in Medicine Symposium

AI Singapore is honored to participate at the recent inaugural Symposium on “AI in Medicine – Towards Smarthealth”, jointly organized by SingHealth, NUS and AI Singapore. In her keynote address “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities in a New Era”, Prof Leong Tze Yun, Director of AI Technology examined the historical contexts, recent trends, practical challenges and new opportunities of AI in Medicine. She also highlighted how AI can work for, with and alongside individuals, caregivers, clinicians and scientists through the care continuum to achieve cost-effective, high quality outcomes. The afternoon session also saw the participation of about 50 attendees at the “Introduction to Deep Learning with Python for Image Recognition” workshop, conducted by the Engineering team from AISG. Attendees learnt about the use of AI/DL for medical imaging diagnostics for doctors, clinicians and executives.